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Impressions about Kaliningrad from Yerevan

Lilit Hakobyan and Artyom Dokholyan students of the Russian-Armenian University visited Kaliningrad for the first time.

We want to share our impressions, which will always remain in our memories. Kaliningrad is an amazing and unique city, where the fortifications of the pre-war Koenigsberg are adjacent to modern buildings. One of the most beautiful is the Royal gate. In addition, we were impressed by the island of Kanta, which is located in the heart of Kaliningrad, in the middle of the Pregel river. Looking at the spacious Park, which is dominated by stone sculptures, and the only building on the island- huge Cathedral, striking in its power, splendor and unique architecture, it is difficult to believe that once there was a real city. It is also impossible to forget the German streets, which are steeped in history. Walking through such magnificent places we immediately got transported to the past. One of the most important elements of the city - cobblestone pavements framed by granite borders. Along streets that have changed more than one name over the past century, the sidewalks of Koenigsberg, stoically withstood the test of war and peace, are still ready to tell a lot to those who can listen. We are also fascinated by homlines, which radiate warmth and comfort. Kaliningrad is a city where everyone will find their own, where you need to walk along the peripheral streets and try to see something new, not seen by anyone. After such walks, you want to go back to the days of industrially developed Konigsberg and try to mentally restore the landscapes that sometimes lost their greatness . I would also like to mention about the atmosphere of the local tram, which did not change after the war, and especially passing through the narrow alleys of Kaliningrad and Kant island: despite the wear and tear, the sense of historicism justifies everything and gives the feeling of a Museum exhibit. And Kaliningrad is really a unique city where Prussian, German, Soviet, and Russian spirits are intertwined, which left an imprint that gives charm and uniqueness throughout the world.

Hoping for new meetings in Kaliningrad especially on celebrations of 300th anniversary of I. Kant  ,because Koenigsberg is Kant, and Kant is Koenigsberg.

I would like to conclude with the words of I. Kant: "Beautiful is something that belongs exclusively to taste.”

© Lilit Hakobyan, Artyom Dokholyan

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